Meet Some Of Sasha’s Friends


Stu is a very shy Stingray and keeps to himself under his camouflage on the sandy floor of the reef, but he chats everyday to Jaculin Seahorse and Eddie the Humphead Wrasse, his closest friends.

He didn’t realise how much shock and mess he created for other creatures when he shot out of his hiding place quickly.

All the other reef creatures asked him to leave his sleeping place slowly and now he does this carefully.

He is always curious of new creatures and any new debris that arrives on the reef.

He often swims along and nudges new debris to see if there is a creature inside.

Mostly the debris is from humans and has been dropped off boats or washed away from other shores.

He has found some very interesting items, especially a beautiful tiara which Princess Sasha now wears.

He wants to keep looking for and finding amazing treasures. One day, you just never know what he might find!

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