Meet Some Of Sasha’s Friends


Rollo was the first hatchling from the clutch of eggs that Seamore Seagull and Princess Sasha had agreed to protect.

His instinct drove him toward the brightest light on the beach the night he hatched.

Rollo ran so hard and fast that he ended up falling asleep in a human campsite.

He was eventually found by Seamore and looked after until his mother came back to the beach to lay another clutch of eggs.

Rollo became wonderful friends with the entire seagull flock and learned how to steal human food.

Rollo now swims with his mother Legertha all around the vast South China Sea and has made many fish and bird friends on his adventures.

Every year he loves to come back to the reef beach and catch up with all his creature friends, especially Seamore and Princess Sasha.


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