Why is Petey the Pelican so grumpy?

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Children’s Fiction Hardback – Book 5 – “Sasha & Friends”

Author:  Bonnie Misha Sleep, Illustrated by:  Hayden James Bone.

Overview: Petey is a grumpy pelican who blames everyone else for his lack of friends. He has poor social skills and almost no emotional intelligence but of course, this is everyone else’s problem. Petey is a member of a thriving and diverse community of birds, crabs and fish but he is always looking out for himself and is greedy and deceptive about how he sneaks food.


Petey’s self-centred view of the world is overlooked by his community and he is included in all their activities. However, when the community decides to protect the baby turtle hatchlings, Petey is caught in a dilemma as he doesn’t want to give up his favourite snack food, so he only pretends to help. Seamore and Sasha know this and gently help him learn about sharing and telling the truth.

This is a story about redemption and the re-establishment of self-worth because of the help of a supportive community.

For Ages:                 3 – 6 years old

Audience:                 Children

ISBN:                      978-0-648-15500-3

Format:                   Hardcover

Edition Number:        1st

Languages:               English

Number of Pages:      30

Brand:                        Sasha and Friends

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 Bonus Collector Cards

  • Children’s Fiction Hardback Premium Book
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  • Suitable for ages 3-6 years

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7 reviews for Why is Petey the Pelican so grumpy?

  1. Humphrey Henry Hammond

    I’m not one to give reviews but I love this story and wanted to tell you. Humphrey H.

  2. John and Barb Williams

    Good to see that Petey redeems himself. Really good moral message. Thank you for this as it’s a actually a resource for parenting. Excellent.

  3. Penelope Hatich

    Great story and well written. The images are really great as well. 5 Stars!

  4. Harriet Edmondson

    As a grandma I love this story because I can talk to my grandchildren about being grumpy when we read this together. We all laugh and that changes the grumpy mood. Bingo. Thank you Grandma Harriet

  5. Sigrid Brown

    You’ve gotta love a grumpy pelican. The whole family loves this character. We’ve even started calling anyone who’s grumpy ‘Petey’ sigrid

  6. Francine

    Very nice and simple story, Illustrations are great, well done

  7. Stephan Hurlock

    Yes very nice little story. I like your style of illustration, accurate yet bright and fresh, well done

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