Why does Seamore Seagull only have one leg?

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Children’s Fiction Hardback  –  Book 2 “Sasha & Friends” Series

Author:  Bonnie Misha Sleep, Illustrated by:  Hayden James Bone.

Overview: In this story the reader enters the amusing and clever world of a scavenging seagull pack. As the series introduces the creatures as fantastical, they all have interesting and diverse personalities and many of them need to learn lessons. 


The local Seagull pack leader, Seamore, is well respected and works very hard at training his  baby gulls how to bring home food, so the whole flock can prosper. Seamore has a keen sense of humour and one day decides to answer a question from one of his babies about why he only has one leg. This is a question nobody has ever dared ask him before, so he decides it is time to respond.

This is a story about ability not disability, achievement and great humour.

For Ages:                 3 – 6 years old

Audience:                 Children

ISBN:                       978-0-646-96614-4

Format:                   Hardcover

Edition Number:        1st

Languages:               English

Number of Pages:      30

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  • A Premium hard cover quality book for ages 3-6
  • Bonus 4 “Sasha & Friends” Collector cards in each book with Educational Fun Facts
  • Beautiful captivating Illustrations and story

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Dimensions21 × 21 × 2 cm

11 reviews for Why does Seamore Seagull only have one leg?

  1. Nicole

    These books are very popular in my house hold. The characters are so adorable

  2. Denise

    Great twist at the end. and beautiful characters. Nice book, well done

  3. Shirley Stanwell

    Love your facts and quiz. Huge bonus when combined with your great story.

  4. Stuart Dawkins

    Intrigued by your title and you didn’t disappoint. Love that you are talking about disability and difference and doing it so subtly. My students are learning while they’re being entertained. Win win. Stuart Dawkins Darwin

  5. Carmel Kidd

    We will never look at a seagull the same way ever again. Very very entertaining. The Kidd family, Northcliffe

  6. Joanne

    Yeah cool Story, the kids had a laugh

  7. Alisha Jowes

    This a remarkable. We all laughed so hard at the ending. Can’t wait to read more like this. Alisha Jowes

  8. Jamie J

    Great little story, I particularly like little Kevin!

  9. Germaine C.

    Great work, nice book

  10. Joseph T.

    Nice fun story, great illustrations and the collector cards are a hit

  11. Elouise Goodman CANBERRA

    Who doesn’t like a funny ending. I really like the characters you have developed, they are likeable and relatable. Many good books out there but yours are up there and certainly much better than most. World class. Elouise Goodman

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