Memory Card Game

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Memory Card Game

Written by: Bonnie Misha Sleep, Illustrated by: Hayden James Bone.  

Overview: Because our design team knows how important memory is to learning, we have created our own Reef Creatures game of Memory using our Characters.


Memory is all about visual recognition and spatial perception in remembering the exact placement of pairs of tokens in a display grid. The game can be sped up with time restrictions or made more difficult with pairs not being identical creatures but a designated pair of characters which can change, so winning can be about adaptation and fast reflexes as well as improving visual memory.

The real winners in this game will always be the players who engage with wonderfully illustrated and detailed characters who come alive in the many stories about their safe Reef and Bay on the Great Barrier Reef.

For Ages:                 3 and up

Audience:                 All ages

EAN                         0797776178063

Format:                    Box

Edition Number:      1st

Number of Piece     54

Brand:                       Sasha and Friends

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Memory Card Game

  • Sasha & Friends Memory Cards build memory, hand & eye coordination
  • Turn over one disc and then try to find the matching disc
  • Find the most pairs and you are the winner!
  • Suitable for 1 or more player


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Weight300 g
Dimensions16 × 11 × 2 cm

8 reviews for Memory Card Game

  1. jaculin

    This is great quality game.

  2. James

    These are absolutely awesome, great game

  3. Johnathan

    This a such a great game for learning and some fun. Images are excellent and sufficiently different which I think is perfect for their young minds.

  4. Sasha Ducas

    My daughter Edwina asked me to say thank you for this game. She plays it all the time when friends are over for a play date. Can you make more please Edwina says?

  5. Sam Danson

    Excellent game. Already got our value so very happy buyers. Sam, Dan and little Alfie

  6. Zena Fedullak

    Who doesn’t love this game. You got this right. Thank you. Zena Fedullak Parent and kindy teacher

  7. Leah Zhong

    Really great game, perfect for the whole family actually

  8. Stephen

    Perfectly done, the kids love it! Cheers for that

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