Meet Some Of Sasha’s Friends


Legertha is a mother Leatherback turtle. She swims around happily in the South China Sea.

She always comes back to the same nesting beach in Australia when she lays each new clutch of eggs.

One day she met Seamore Seagull playing with his baby gulls and she realized she had never met any of her babies.

She also realized she didn’t know if they make it safely into the ocean.

Brave Seamore and Princess Sasha decided to help her so together they made sure an entire hatching made it safely to the ocean, all except one, who fell asleep on the beach because he went the wrong way.

That baby turtle was Rollo. Seamore looked after him until Legertha came back to the beach the next breeding season.

Now Legertha and Rollo they swim together all year and are never lonely.

They always come back to the same beach every year, to lay new eggs and visit friends.


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