Meet Some Of Sasha’s Friends


She is one of the friendliest of all the creatures in the reef.

She is always smiling as she bobs along, spreading pure sunshine and happiness.

She doesn’t have any family nearby and was lucky to survive when released by her father as the reef current soon carried her away.

She is such a slow swimmer that she can’t keep up with most of the other reef fish. Eddie and Stu noticed this.

So Stu suggested she swim down to him on the reef floor every morning and he’d be very gentle and not disturb the reef floor around her.

Eddie is usually there too and Jaculin loves this time with her friends and it’s her favourite thing to do.

She sometimes holds on to Stu with her spiny crown and gets a super ride when Stu decides to move.

This is very exciting for the slow moving and delicate Jaculin.

She notices other fish slowing down to chat to her now, so she is very grateful to Stu and Eddie as now she is never lonely.

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