Meet Some Of Sasha’s Friends


Benny is a small but brave little 2D (two dimensional) fish.

He knows he is frail and thin and he finds the underwater world scary.

He also knows he is supposed to fight for his territory but he is so gentle and kind that it’s hard for him to defend his favourite area.

He first met Moo Moo when she fought him and he had to move his home.

He knows she watches him now but he keeps his distance and won’t fight her again as she is very scary.

Benny has a secret because he is so light and brave.

Sometimes Sasha asks Benny to do special things.

Once he had to secretly work with Ola the Orca and that was fun.

Benny has loads of family around him so he is never lonely but he wants to do more brave things.

One day Benny wants to fall in love.

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